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Ballad of MadC: artist and visionary


Singularly brilliant. Artist MacC. She looks like a normal human. But what she puts on canvasses around the world looks like it came out of a superhuman.

The Berlin artist is doing her first West Coast show, called “Over the Edge.” I met her today as she was preparing and pulling the show together at San Francisco’s
1:AM Gallery. Here she is laying out giant pieces of signature MadC pink vinyl across the floor using the gallery as her canvas. They looked like super tight pieces of post-modern Colorforms.

Photo: Angela Frucci


Endeavour flies slow and low over Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Gaping mouths. None of us standing at the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge could believe it when the Space Shuttle Endeavour circled around Alcatraz and started heading back towards the bridge. It had already flown one low pass parallel to the entire span. But there it was, heading straight for the middle, a 747 punt toward the bridge’s orange goal posts.

Photos: Angela Frucci

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

August fog in San Francisco.

Photo: Angela Frucci

Mark and Vaughn Bode go heavy metal

There are moments when you should step away from a large lizard. “You’re going to get tox’d out,” Mark Bode warns me. He flips on his respirator mask, then rifles through a box overflowing with Krylons and MTNs.

The mural artist was getting ready to block out colors on a human-sized lizard. It resembled a metalic cookie cutter. The reptile’s one of 51 characters  for the show “Metalmorphosis,” opening this week (8/24) at SFrancisco’s 1:AM Gallery.

Bode collaborated with Metal Man Ed, known for making life-sized subway car cutouts to spec. MME + Bode give new, 3-D abstractions to the Bode family of characters. Mark and his father Vaughn Bode, continue to morph, side by side.

First, the lizard’s head gets blocked.

Mark works on a flat surface so there’s no paint dribble.

One of Mark’s favorite colors, cyan blue.

A metalmorphosis has fully occurred.

Photos: Angela Frucci

Lobster roll Saturdays? Get thee to New England Lobster

“We don’t do rain,” said Greg Jellin, manager of New England Lobster Company. On Saturday morning, he was trying (but unable) to keep up with  long lines that waited for savory lobster rolls, bisque-like lobster chowder, and crab sandwiches.

I stood under a white canopy protected from the heavy downpour and waited, and waited patiently, for my lobster roll sandwich. Lots of other people were doing the same thing … undeterred by steady precipitation and philosophical skies. About a half-hour later, my crustacean fantasy was realized. It was quite glorious. It’s the kind of lobster sandwich I’d go to Provincetown, Massachusetts to wrap my mouth around. Yah, it’s that good.

New England Lobster Company is located in a place that’s not really easy to get to: A very industrial part of South San Francisco, next to a dreary canal, and close to San Francisco Airport. Yet, behold – here lies an epicurean safari.

According to Jellin, today was an experiment. It’s the first day the red mobile food truck was open on a Saturday (11 – 2). Typically, it’s open Monday through Friday from 11 – 3. “We weren’t expecting anyone, so I’m pretty understaffed.” He promised all that would change by next week.

Photo: Molly Bode