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Lobster roll Saturdays? Get thee to New England Lobster

“We don’t do rain,” said Greg Jellin, manager of New England Lobster Company. On Saturday morning, he was trying (but unable) to keep up with  long lines that waited for savory lobster rolls, bisque-like lobster chowder, and crab sandwiches.

I stood under a white canopy protected from the heavy downpour and waited, and waited patiently, for my lobster roll sandwich. Lots of other people were doing the same thing … undeterred by steady precipitation and philosophical skies. About a half-hour later, my crustacean fantasy was realized. It was quite glorious. It’s the kind of lobster sandwich I’d go to Provincetown, Massachusetts to wrap my mouth around. Yah, it’s that good.

New England Lobster Company is located in a place that’s not really easy to get to: A very industrial part of South San Francisco, next to a dreary canal, and close to San Francisco Airport. Yet, behold – here lies an epicurean safari.

According to Jellin, today was an experiment. It’s the first day the red mobile food truck was open on a Saturday (11 – 2). Typically, it’s open Monday through Friday from 11 – 3. “We weren’t expecting anyone, so I’m pretty understaffed.” He promised all that would change by next week.

Photo: Molly Bode