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Olivia De Berardinis: Inside an artists’ head

Do you know Olivia? In the world of popular art and culture, Olivia De Berardinis one of the best  interpreters of the female form. Sure, a lot people do the same thing, it’s just that Olivia does it the best. Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese. But those are just ‘some’ of her well-known subjects.

I sat and talked with Olivia about her creative process. Olivia told me she’s more fascinated by the mess around the painting than the painting. Ultimately, she’s bored by the finished piece and hypnotized by the process strewn about her work table.

“It’s like being in a candy store,” said Olivia, “the colors swirl around your head.”

“Then you come home and there’s one piece of candy in your hand, it’s boring. I love the splashes, they have so much more life to them then the painting. And the brushes. It’s the promise. It’s like being in a chemistry lab and things are bubbling. The bubbling is exciting. But when it turns into a little pill, that’s just not the same.”

Photo: Olivia De Berardinis


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

No … Stress, but layers of red paint in L.A.

Photo: Angela Frucci

Curiouser and curiouser! (yet ethereal)

Making and looking at curves can make one happy. Wondering endlessly about this bookshelf and its curves’ ability to support books is not unlike viewing a Cindy Sherman photograph, then pondering how it is at all possible. And that’s only the magical part. Here, extrusion technology goes out on a date with impressionism, producing a whimsical wall offspring, as well as a shrine for your books. Organic and meditative, Ron Arad’s Bookworm bookshelf can easily be made to resemble the peaceful sea coils of “Les Betes de la Mer,” among others.