The fantastical murals of San Francisco’s Mission District are an intriguing dialogue between artists and their city that you can easily experience on foot.

New York Times

When Vaughn Bode, the maverick cartoonist and graffiti guru, died in 1975 at 33, he left behind a son and some of the most original and influential cartoon art done in the 1960’s and 70’s.

San Francisco Chronicle

Wine lovers have long doted on Brunellos, Barolos and the wines of Tuscany and Piedmont in general.


Discover how we harness the drive of industry and the genius of Stanford to change the world.

Blog: Wired (Digital)

Short Nose, long nose, it all goes. We won’t turn our collective nose up at any Ferrari, especially one so nice as this 1965 275 GTB short nose.

Radio: Studio 360 (NPR)

The blockbuster iPhone app called Ocarina lets you play music by blowing into the phone. Its inventor …

Book: “Malibu CheeseCake, The pinup art of Olivia”

“I heard that you were a cartoonist as a young man, and in light of that, I’m wondering in the age of digital everything, why you still have an illustrated pinup in Playboy?” ( … Interview w/Hugh Hefner in 2007, by Angela Frucci)

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Excerpt: Scaffolding alert! As Torino, Italy races to finish sprucing up the city for this month’s 2006 Winter Olympics, this typically calm, organized city feels a bit chaotic. Click here for full story.

Domus Magazine (#194)

Excerpt: In reality, what is Milan’s La Scala today? In just 60 years, one of the most famous opera houses in the world has been rebuilt twice. The first was after the aerial bombardments of August 1943, which – as Domus reported at the time – destroyed the roof and proscenium. Click here for full story.


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