Loteria Cards Get “Mission-ized” At MCC


Drank coffee, then scavenged through my dresser drawers  yesterday, finding one white t-shirt with no image on it. Great! As soon as I heard that the Mission Cultural Center was hosting a free screen printing workshop, I headed over to the Mission.

To celebrate their 35th anniversary, the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA) commissioned an artist to put a mission-like twist on 4 of the iconic pictograms used on “loteria” cards. The cards are a traditional children’s game in Mexico. You could bring in a piece of cloth, a tee, or a sheet of paper and pick a design. Like an image of a pigeon (‘el pigeon’) and shoes hanging from the wires.

“The artist designed the cards to reflect things that symbolize the Mission,” Marsha Shaw told me, as she hung my newly imaged t-shirt to dry on a clothesline. Shaw is coordinator of Mission Grafica.  There’s also ‘el jornalero’ (day laborers), ‘el homie’ (low riders), ‘la poeta’ (a spoken-word siren with a mic and poem in hand). The siren?  Big crowd favorite.

Photo: Angela Frucci


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