Truck Takes Down 300 ft. Of Trolley Wire

(Feb 2) San Francisco, California (AF) —

A Muni inspector watching the restringing of the massive spiderweb of trolley wires on Van Ness and Market summed it all up: “Big bucks, big ticket.”

On February 2nd, an out-of-state truck driver (with Minnesota plates) somehow failed to remember that the hydraulic top of the double trailer he was pulling, was open — or raised in the air at a 90-degree angle. He came through the intersection, entangling truck in web.

Think of it like this; Pac-Man is sitting on the top of the trucker’s trailer with his mouth open. Pac-Man gobbles down everything in his path. That “everything” just happens to be 300 ft. (a football field) of wire that keep the trolley cars  running up and down Market Street. With the hydraulic top raised in the open position, the trucks’ height was 16.5 ft., but the trolley wires top out at 15.5 ft.

Needless to say, trolley cars were stopped up for hours, and downtown quickly turned into a traffic apocalypse. Muni had to close part of Market St. while repair work was being done, and there was a ripple effect throughout the entire Muni system, leaving hundreds of people stranded in the vintage trolley cars.

The trucking company will have to carry the costs of repairing the damage, no estimate yet. “I feel sorry for him,” the inspector said, “he was from out of town and carrying a load of cars in the trailers.”

Photo: Angela Frucci


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